Commit 5fdafaf6 authored by guglielmo's avatar guglielmo

views_definitions added to docs

parent acf43cec
# these queries are defined in views, so data extraction from them is straightforward
# atto_texts view
# acts and their texts
# more than one document may be available for an act
SELECT as atto_id,
ta.descrizione as tipo_atto,
opp_atto a
JOIN opp_documento d on
JOIN opp_tipo_atto ta on;
# atto_tags view
# how an act has been tagged manually
# more than a tag per act, and each tag may have more than one super-tag
tagging.taggable_id as atto_id,
tag.triple_namespace as tag_type,
tag.triple_value tag_value,
tt.denominazione as super_tag
sf_tagging as tagging
JOIN sf_tag as tag ON
LEFT JOIN opp_tag_has_tt thtt ON
JOIN opp_teseott as tt ON
WHERE tagging.taggable_model='OppAtto';
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